On the Hook (На Крючке)

You can’t surprise anybody with tattoo, piercing or flesh tunnel nowadays. Somebody tattoos himself on his birthday to emphasize his full age, and every girl “respecting herself” has a piercing in the navel. As the years go by, flesh tunnels stretch and the number of earrings grows. Why is it at the height of fashion? Why such a current as “the alternative youth” gains more and more followers? Our short’s heroes will answer all these questions.

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35 minutes


HD DVD, Color


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Daria Orkhan

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2005 attended the school of journalism at the City Art Centre. In 2006 entered the minor faculty of journalism of the St. Petersburg State University, In 2012 graduated as TV Director from the St. Petersburg State University of Film & TV (the Screen Arts Faculty).Had practical training on TV-channels: “100TV”, “5th channel”, “St. Petersburg” cable channel. Shot her first documentary (“Life of the Unknown actor”) in 2010.