Patrasche, A Dog of Flanders, Made in Japan

A Dog of Flanders, Made in Japan

Today this book, A Dog of Flanders is taught in Japanese high schools, it is a classic in the UK and the States and has inspired numerous films and TV series in Japan and the States. The most important of them being the Japanese animated series of 1975 that counted 52 episodes and influenced the Japanese culture intensely. Many of them can still sing the series opening song, … in Dutch! Patrasche, a Dog of Flanders – Made in Japan is a laboratory of the image. It is a prism, through which the viewer can experience how reality is and how a small book leads to a stereotyped perception.

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84 minutes


DV, Color


An Van Dienderen

An van. Dienderen, after having shot several documentaries highly acclaimed of international awards, she got her PhD degree in Comparative Cultural Sciences from the Ghent University aiming to enrich her works. She lectures and researches on Visual Anthropology, Media Theory and Comparative Cultural Sciences.

Didier Volckaer

Didier Volckaert, he studied audio-visual art (Experimental Cinema) in Sint-Lukas, Brussels. He is not only a film director, mainly of experimental documentaries; a curator; a lecturer but also a visual artist. He has exhibited his work at MUHKA in Antwerp, at the Victoria Festival' 99, the Time Festival 2000, his first solo exhibition at the Vereeniging van het SMAK in Ghent and in 2002 at the Kunsten FESTIVAL des Arts in Brussels. He' s currently working on his first Feature film “Quixote' s Island”.