About TIEFF 2011

Calling All Filmmakers!

2011 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival Coming on 7 October 2011
Entry submission deadline: 31 May 2011

TIEFF is organized by the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography, a non-profit organization dedicated to greater public awareness of documentary and ethnographic films, and coorganized by the Institute of Ethnology at the Academia Sinica of Taiwan. TIEFF is more than a venue for screening films and videos; it is also a forum for education, discussion, and exchange. TIEFF considers every film selected to be equally valuable; therefore, there is no competition section in the event.

The biennial’s 6th edition, “Suffering and rebirth”, will invite curious audience to a multi-cultural investigation of survival practices under the sufferings in dealing with human societies, natural environments and supernatural worlds. Possible topics that candidate films draw attention to can include, but are not limited to: Environmental issues and recovery practices, mental/emotional/body sufferings and healing practices, social/cultural chaos and its practices of restoring, war and violence, etc. In creating the theme, the festival seeks stories and examples all around the world to understand the conditions of sufferings and of rebirths among societies, environments, and miraculous worlds.

We’re looking to screen films in the following categories:

A) Central Theme: Ethnographic films themed on all kinds of disasters / recovery practices, produced at any time.

B) New Vision: Ethnographic films of any subject, completed within 2009-2011.

Please send us entries now, or recommend to us films that the program cannot miss this year!

Entry form, regulations, and festival info at http://www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw

Inquiry – Please contact entry specialist Susan Huang at [email protected]

Festival President , HU, Tai-Li  Festival Director , Tsai, Futuru C.L