2023 Schedule

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Time: 19:00 / Duration: 86 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★Post-Screening Q&A

Sounds of Love and Sorrow

Sounds of Love and Sorrow lets the eerie sounds of the Paiwan flutes including the nose flute, which legend says imitates the call of the deadly hundred-pace snake, mix in with the recollections of tribal elders and traditional tales to present a rich background of Paiwan life in Taiwan. Tribal elders recall the days of the youth and their romances.…

Time: 21:20 / Duration: 80 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A (subject to change)

Friday, October 6, 2023

Time: 10:00 / Duration: 116 minutes
Time: 13:00 / Duration: 80 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★Asian premiere


As a Mexican Tzotzil I grew up between the sacrality both of Guadalupe Virgin and Mother Earth. As a son, I grew up among the derision of not having a father and blaming my mother for it. “Mom” is a dialogue between mother and son exploring their contradictions, knowing and recognizing each other, and reflecting on naturalized violence and its…

Time: 14:40 / Duration: 84 minutes

The Missing Tale

What happens when you grew up in a family that’s been silent about its past andyou suddenly find your roots on the other side of the planet…?

For 2000 years there’s been a flourishing Jewish community in the South Indian city ofCochin. When I started to shoot my film, there were only 7 people left. Among them Icame to discover…

Time: 16:20 / Duration: 85 minutes


Nazmia, as lively as she is tempestuous, dreams of becoming a teacher and of returning to Grande Comores to get married.

Nasri, a little rascal with a big heart, left to himself, struggles to declare his love for Mouniati.

Omar, poetic and puny, wants to become a man under the benevolent gaze of his brother, while waiting to see his…

Time: 18:00 / Duration: 83 minutes

Ali Vs. Ali

Alireza Rofougaran’s childhood dream of meeting Muhammad Ali had long been forgotten, till it sprung back to life following the death of Ali’s former rival, Joe Frazier. The reawakened dream brings back to memory a whole era in which Muhammad Ali had been embedded in Iranian culture as a legend, compared in mythical proportions with National Iranian heroes, a people’s…

Time: 19:40 / Duration: 84 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A

When we are together

The Taoyuan Aerotropolis marks Taiwan’s largest-ever urban project, in that tens of thousands of people were to be vacated for relocation from the land lot that supported their livelihood, ensuing in the sea change of space and history.

To leave behind   some last memories of the place people called home,   time and history were  employed as the X- and Y-axis…

Time: 21:30 / Duration: 68 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A (subject to change)

Analogue Practices in Digital Landscapes

In an era defined by the rapid advancement of digital technologies, this film captures the daily lives of artists, retailers, and repairers who intimately engage with obsolete or discarded technologies.

This experimental ethnographic film creatively explores audiovisual cultural research methods, portraying analogue film communities in Berlin and Vienna, as well as mechanical repair shops in Istanbul.



The Memory of Glitch

The memory of glitch explores the entanglements of smoke and pixels, trees and humans, loss and recovery. Attempting to connect to a ‘lost’ landscape, a filmmaking researcher dives into a burned-down forest in Oregon, U.S.A., to create a sense for the (de)composition of memory and place. Her voice guides the audience with personal reflections on loss while glimpses of bare…

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Time: 10:00 / Duration: 115 minutes
Time: 13:00 / Duration: 81 minutes

Rasa dan Asa

Rasa dan Asa is a short documentary film shot by a group of Indonesian domestic workers living in Malaysia, assisted by a team of video makers, at the height of the 2021 Covid-19 pandemic. In the Indonesian language, “Rasa dan Asa” means “taste, feeling and hope”. Through the film, Binti and Ningrum told intimate stories of endurance as migrant domestic…



Dina_Stars and Adriano_ComePizza represent the pioneer generation of YouTubers in Cuba, a country where until recently, internet access was heavily controlled by the government out of fear of freedom of information and expression. After surviving an attempted sexual assault, Dina devotes her channel to women’s rights issues. However, her political activism invites consequences when in 2021, Cuba witnesses the largest…


The Memo

This is a video diary of the surreal lockdown made by the filmmaker couple who were trapped in a small, rented apartment in Shanghai. In the face of endless madness, the camera gradually breaks free from the window and observes a vast social isolation unprecedented in the country’s history.


Time: 14:40 / Duration: 83 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A (subject to change)
Time: 16:30 / Duration: 78 minutes


An immersive marvel of sonic ethnography, Expedition Content draws on audio recordings made by recent college graduate and Standard Oil heir Michael Rockefeller as part of the 1961 Harvard-Peabody Expedition to Netherlands New Guinea that set up tents among the indigenous Hubula (also known as Dani) people.
In their nearly imageless film, Karel and Kusumaryati document the strange encounter……

Time: 18:10 / Duration: 70 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A (subject to change)

Rebel Objects

Anthropologist and filmmaker Carolina Arias Ortiz returns to Costa Rica, where she spent her childhood. She visits her estranged father. When he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, death suddenly draws close. At the same time she meets the archaeologist Ifigenia Quintanilla, who is conducting research into one of Costa Rica’s most famous cultural phenomena: the large, pre-Columbian stone spheres found…

Time: 20:00 / Duration: 69 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A

The Woman Carrying the Prey

The Woman Carrying the Prey expresses women’s perseverance and strength by extension. “Carrying” is not only about the physical weight, but also about the continuation of the hunter’s traditional hunting culture. The relationship between human, ecology and animal interdependence is gradually built up through the daily life of a female hunter in the mountains.

This film is about Heydi Mijung,…

Time: 21:50 / Duration: 78 minutes

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Time: 10:00 / Duration: 103 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A

Man Under The Moon

Always appeared in the tallest building (Building 101).

Under the deepest pits (mining areas such as Haishan Coal Mine),

In the furthest sea (pelagic fishery)

In the most marginal countries (before the 1980s, they were international migrant workers) On every piece of land where our people stepped on major constructions, they have never been absent.

They played indispensable roles in…

徐木珍劇照KSC_1514演奏二弦 與田文光 張德祥

60 Years of Singing Ballad in Hakka:Mu-Zhen Xiu

Hakka Ballad is the traditional medium for the Hakka to express feelings or tell history in the agricultural society. People would sing their thoughts by impromptu lyrics, which was called Sui-Keu-Loi(sing as it comes).

Mu-Zhen Xiu was born in the Hsinchu countryside in 1944. Due to his blindness, he was good at singing Hakka Ballad along with urheen since childhood,…

Time: 13:00 / Duration: 82 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A


Between 1958 and 61, Margot Dias took part in four ethnographic missions to the extreme north of Mozambique, Africa, then a Portuguese colony.

She registered and filmed many hours, compiling unprecedented visual and sound records of the Makonde culture.

This journey changed her life, as if in the encounter of the Other she had found herself again.

It’s the woman…

Encountering Jean Rouch1

Encountering Jean Rouch

This short film was shot in 2002 during Bilan du Film Ethnographic for the purpose of introducing Jean Rouch to the audience at 2003 Taiwan International Ethnographic film festival. Unexpectedly, Jean Rouch passed away in 2004. In this film Jean Rouch talked about his new marriage, his anger towards the moving of the artifacts of the Mankind Museum, his anarchistic…

Time: 15:00 / Duration: 92 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A

The Challenge of indigenous education: practice and perspectives

The Ministry of Education has urged colleges and universities to establish a Bachelor’s Degree Program for Indigenous Peoples since 2003

But as far as positioning is concerned, this is not a general department , and there is no general department with at least seven full-time professors . Some of the Bachelor’s Degree Program for Indigenous Peoples ,there is not even…

劇照2(主視覺)Maro’ay to ko kerah何處是我家Stills_12結果


“Maro’ay to ko kerah” is an Amis saying that there’s a quiet moment of the tidal moment, thus the sea creatures would find their own place to stay comfortably.

Zhang Zu-Miao, an Amis without Amis’ name lives here in the indigenous tribe in this urban city.

Since their old home, Cinemnemay, was distracted in the water zone, it faced to…

Time: 17:20 / Duration: 78 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A
Time: 19:20 / Duration: 84 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ★With post-film Q&A (subject to change)
Healer stones of Kapaemahu poster concept horizontal arrival over stones

The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu

On Honolulu’s famed Waikiki Beach stand four giant boulders placed as a tribute to the four legendary mahu – individuals of dual male and female spirit – who brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii long ago. Although the stones have survived for centuries, their story has been hidden and the respected role of mahu erased. The Healer Stones…

Time: 21:30 / Duration: 81 minutes
Venue: Wonderful Theatre / ◎Q&A Video

The Inheritance

The Inheritance is a three-act video montage essay on inheritance as an accumulation of racial and settler dispossessions. Seeking to intervene in what Povinelli has called the current white counter-reformation of white nativism, The Inheritance pivots the ideas and affects of history, inheritance, and social identity against the sedimentations of white supremacy and settler colonialism through a retelling of the…