Khon Boys

A documentary recording the lives of Khon students in their last years of study. They spent six years under the rules of the military regime after the 2014 coup d’etat. The coup granted the regime power to change many things, especially education which became more focused on the monarchy and royal glorification instead of basic human values. While the world is becoming awakened to human rights, the military regime deems them against their own values. The shooting of the film began at the time of the king’s succession, shortly after which there was a great social awakening in Thailand. Meanwhile, the authorities used state violence and oppression in an effort to eliminate dissidents, even when they were just high school and university students.


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116 minutes


Digital, Color

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Friday, October 6, 2023 / 10:00 2023 Schedule


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Phassarawin Kulsomboon

Phassarawin Kulsomboon was born in 1981, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Film and Photography from Chulalongkorn University. He has directed short films, miniseries and behind-the-scenes videos for feature films. Phassarawarin has been co-cinematographer on three internationally acclaimed documentary films: Homogeneous, Empty Time (2017), which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival; Santakhiri Sonata (2019), which won the Grand Prize at the DocLisbo International Documentary Film Festival; and Danse Macabre (2021), which won the Merit prize from the Taiwan International Documentary Festival. Khon Boys is his feature-length directorial debut.