About TIEFF 2015

The 2015 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival is coming on 2-6 October 2015, to be held at the Wonderful Theatre in Taipei.

Entry submission deadline: 20 May 2015

TIEFF is organized by the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography (TAVE), a non-profit organization dedicated to greater public awareness of documentary and ethnographic films.

TIEFF is more than a venue for screening films and videos; it is also a forum for education, discussion, and exchange. TIEFF considers every film selected to be equally valuable; therefore, there is no competition section in the event.

The central theme of the biennial’s 8th season, “Scenes of Life,” invites audiences to participate in a multicultural investigation of the human experience as told through diverse life stories. Possible topics for films submitted for consideration in the central theme category include, but are not limited to: ethnobiography, life history, the experience of war, environmental issues, identity issues, transnationalism, debt, neoliberalism, religion, etc. Through this central theme the festival hopes to find life stories from around the world that will help audiences to understand the diverse experiences of human lives.

HU, Tai-Li Festival President / Lin, Wenlin Vice President / Tsai, Futuru C.L. Festival Director