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The Taoyuan Aerotropolis marks Taiwan’s largest-ever urban project, in that tens of thousands of people were to be vacated for relocation from the land lot that supported their livelihood, ensuing in the sea change of space and history.

To leave behind   some last memories of the place people called home,   time and history were  employed as the X- and Y-axis respectively to  document a complicated mixture of sentiment that embodies an act of history to slice  into an unfolding future, whereas bulldozers and wrecking balls were on the mark to level the ground.

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84 minutes


4K, Color

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Friday, October 6, 2023 / 19:40 2023 Schedule


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Lee Li-Shao

LEE Li-Shao entered the space of short films and documentaries in 1999 and has won four Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short-Films to-date and the Taiwan international Documentary Festival.
Lee is also a familiar nominee to the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Bell Awards, and the Taipei Film Festival.
Lee excels at documenting borderline characters of history, and his signature work is the ‘Trilogy of the Golden Triangle Guerrilla’.
‘Myanmar Remembered’ is Lee’s most recent work that tells the story of the Burmese battlefield during World War II.
2000. Flower Isiand. (60min)
2000. Coaling 921 (24min)
2000. Grandmother from Hainan Island (24min)
2001. 1935 Earthquake (93min)
2003. Dancing in the rainbow (60min)
2004. Waiting (30min)
2005. Molia (25min)
2010. RONDO (25min)
2012. Boundary Revelation (73min)
2015. Southland Soldiers (63min)
2016. Stranger in the Mountains. (140min)
2017. Landscapes (60min)
2017. Boys in Pixelation (103min)
2021. Solo Dancer (83min)
2022. Myanmar Remembered (123min)