Ali Vs. Ali

Alireza Rofougaran’s childhood dream of meeting Muhammad Ali had long been forgotten, till it sprung back to life following the death of Ali’s former rival, Joe Frazier. The reawakened dream brings back to memory a whole era in which Muhammad Ali had been embedded in Iranian culture as a legend, compared in mythical proportions with National Iranian heroes, a people’s champion; a Pahlevan! Alireza’s personal quest takes him on a journey across the globe to try and meet Muhammad Ali; a documented odyssey, with a delusional twist, depicting the concept of Para-Social interactions…


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83 minutes


Digital, Color

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Friday, October 6, 2023 / 18:00 2023 Schedule


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Alireza Rofougaran

Alireza Rofougaran is an Iranian Director, actor and translator born in Tehran, Iran June 1st, 1965. He was a businessman till 2004 when he changed careers to make his first documentary film “Chasing Che”, awarded and screened at over 65 film festivals worldwide. He has also acted in several critically acclaimed films including the Academy Award Winner; “The Salesman.”