The Woman Carrying the Prey

The Woman Carrying the Prey expresses women’s perseverance and strength by extension. “Carrying” is not only about the physical weight, but also about the continuation of the hunter’s traditional hunting culture. The relationship between human, ecology and animal interdependence is gradually built up through the daily life of a female hunter in the mountains.

This film is about Heydi Mijung, a woman of the Truku and the only female hunter in the tribe, who follows the ancestral tradition of Gaya, practices the traditional hunting skills of the Truku, and maintains the balance of the entire forest with her hunting methods. As winter approaches, Heydi returns to the old hunting grounds with her nephew to retrace the path and inspect the new hunting trails. During the four-month hunting season, Heydi leads her nephew step by step into her hunting world on the land she has been guarding for a lifetime.


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69 minutes


FHD, Color

Previous Screenings

Saturday, October 7, 2023 / 20:00 2023 Schedule
Friday, April 26, 2024 / 19:00 2024 Screening Schedule – Hualien


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YU Hsin-lan, originated from the Truku tribe, whose ethnic name is Rngrang·Hungul, Rngrang being her first name and Hungul in her father’s name.Rngrang’s works are based on long-term visual fieldwork and focus on contemporary issues of indigenous people. She excels in transforming daily situations and intimate personal experiences of the tribe into creative elements from a woman’s perspective, thereby debating the positioning and methods of reconnecting individuals with traditional culture in contemporary society.
Her recent works include“Mgaluk Dowmung, Connecting with Dowmung”,“Woman the Hunter”,“The Woman Carrying the Prey”,”Mountain Keepers”.