“Maro’ay to ko kerah” is an Amis saying that there’s a quiet moment of the tidal moment, thus the sea creatures would find their own place to stay comfortably.

Zhang Zu-Miao, an Amis without Amis’ name lives here in the indigenous tribe in this urban city.

Since their old home, Cinemnemay, was distracted in the water zone, it faced to be demolished and rebuilt in another site. They have been through floods and fire, and they are still here. It is their home. Now, they need to move to the rebuilt tribe and there are two factions about “moving or staying”. The leader of the tribe, once fought for their rights, stands out and speaks out to their ancestors who have passed away. In this spiritual ritual celebration, they are reassured that they will always be part of the family/tribe.


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36 minutes


HD, Color

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Sunday, October 8, 2023 / 15:00 2023 Schedule


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Pan Zhi-Wei

Pan Zhi-Wei, born in 1988, Fongbin, Hualien. He is an indigenous film director and screenplay writer from the Amis community. He has been working on fiction shorts and documentaries since 2011. Most of his works are realistic and quiet.

His works have been nominated in many film festivals and won awards:
2011 New Taipei Film Festival International Student Films-Golden Lion Prize
2011 Kaohsiung Film Festival
2017 14th Kinoproba Film Festival
2017 Blowup Film Fest, Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival
2019 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival

He is a PTS Viewpoint/Docs, Da Ai Television, and Taiwan Indigenous Television Director.