Swirling in the dreams

In spite of the spread of Christianity and introduction of modern medicine, Taiwan’s indigenous peoples have always had a need for their traditional beliefs. For the people in these tribes, when they seek to know the wishes of the deceased, they can only find answers through the divination and rituals performed by shamans. Nowadays, shamans are becoming fewer in number, yet still hope to build bridges between reality and the spirit world. However, both the suffering patient who wishes to have a ritual performed and the shaman performing the ritual have their own troubles. Can these wounded spirits find healing in beliefs?


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78 minutes


4K UHD, Color

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Sunday, October 8, 2023 / 17:20 2023 Schedule
Saturday, April 20, 2024 / 14:00 2024 Screening Schedule – Hualien


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Su Hung-En

SU Hung-en has indigenous and Taiwanese heritage. Growing up switching between identities, helps him to see the world from different perspectives. His works focus on a mix of indigenous and social issues.