The Inheritance

The Inheritance is a three-act video montage essay on inheritance as an accumulation of racial and settler dispossessions. Seeking to intervene in what Povinelli has called the current white counter-reformation of white nativism, The Inheritance pivots the ideas and affects of history, inheritance, and social identity against the sedimentations of white supremacy and settler colonialism through a retelling of the immigration stories told to the young Elizabeth Povinelli by her grandparents. Carol Devane has written that the “modes of identification and belonging in relation to Karezol/Carisolo create a tangled inheritance, but one that faded from social experience as the family became absorbed into the privileges of whiteness in the US, even as that assimilation was at times uneasy. The haunting and vivid story of this family offers an entrée for thinking critically about social location, place-based belonging, and the privileges and punishments therein.”


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81 minutes


Digital, Color

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Sunday, October 8, 2023 / 21:30 2023 Schedule


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Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Elizabeth A. Povinelli is Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies at Columbia University. Povinelli is one of the founding members of the Karrabing Film Collective. The Karrabing Film Collective has won numerous awards including the 2021 Eye Award from the Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam. Her individual art works have been shown Prometeo Gallery, Milan; ar/ge gallery, Bolzano; the Biennale Gherdëina; and MADRE, Naples. A series of her drawings reimagining prehistory as a series of colonial sedimentations was part of the permanent reopening of the Museo delle Civiltà, Rome, in 2022.