Cannibal Tours

“There is nothing so strange in a strange land as the stranger who comes to visit it.”

When tourists journey to the furthermost reaches of the Sepik River, is it the indigenous tribes people or the white visitors who are the cultural oddity? This film explores the differences (and the surprising similarities) that emerge when “civilized” and “primitive” people meet. With dry humor and acute observation CANNIBAL TOURS explodes cultural assumptions as it provides a pointed look at a fabulous phenomenon.

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70 minutes


35mm, Color


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Dennis O’Rourtke

Dennis O'Rourke is internationally recognized as one of the most exciting and perceptive filmmakers about tensions between European and traditional cultures.

His films chronicle the Pacific peoples' rearguard fight against the colonizers-economic, religious and military. O'Rourke's filmmaking is enlightened by an awareness of “cinema verité” while he also cites as his heroes fiction filmmakers, specifically Bresson and Ozu. His works have received wide recognition, with retrospective screenings at many prominent venues in the world.
Cunnamulla (2000)、The Pagode da Tia Beth (1993)、The Good Woman of Bangkok (1991)、Cannibal Tours (1988)、Half Life: A Parable For the Nuclear Age (1985)、Couldn't Be Fairer (1984)、The Sharkcallers of Kontu (1982)、Yap…How Did You Know We'd Like TV? (1980)、Ileksen (1979)、Yumi Yet (1976)