Desert Brides

Miriam El Kwader, a Bedouin wedding photographer and mother of seven, lives in an unknown and neglected Negev village. Through her camera lens, she reveals the most distressing issue polygamy in Bedouin’s marriage system . This is the story of three, relatively educated and independent women, trying to survive, each in their own way in their world – a life of polygamy. One is a “first wife”, living in constant fear that her husband will bring home a second wife. The other two are pushed into marrying already married men, and become “second wives”, forced to cooperate within a structure they despise or are afraid of. This film presented the family tragedies and injustices of the social structures. It also highlighted the strength and survival of the victims.

Year of Release



86 minutes


Betacam, Color


Ada Ushpiz

Ada Ushpiz, she is a director and producer of documentary films. Her films include: Blood Pact, Detained, Not As Lambs to the Slaughter. Ushpiz has been a journalist for \'Ha'Aretz\" newspaper for thirty-two years. She got two Bachelor Degrees in philosophy and literature, and a Master Degree in Film, as well as a doctorate in History in the following years.