Dishes of An Afternoon Meal



After working for a weather channel for two years, documentary filmmaker Huang Chi-mao picked up a camera himself and faithfully recorded bits and pieces of the Tao peoples’ lives with a camera style very close to the subject.

The sixty-one year old Lin Xin-yu and his wife of the Yeyin tribe are the main subjects in this film. Mr. Lin served before as the seventh term representative for Taitung (in the southeast of Taiwan). His crafty political career didn’t make him forget the simple, natural life of the Tao people. One afternoon, Mr. Lin said he wanted to go spear fishing. When Huang Chi-mao heard about this, already familiar to Mr. Lin, he joined him, took along his camera and shot precious images of Mr. Lin at work spearing fish. Despite the tumultuous waves, he still speared five fish with ease. At the same time, Mrs. Lin and their aunt and uncle collected shellfish on the shore. These fish, the shellfish, and sweet potatoes from the fields are the “Dishes of an Afternoon Meal” for the Lin family.

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30 minutes


betacam, Color


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Huang Chi-Mao

Huang Chi-Mao was born in 1969, Chia-Yih Taiwan.He works as an observer at Orchid Island Station of Central Weather Bureau.He has studied reporting-photography since college. In 1995, he learned to make documentary at Full Shot Communication Foundation. As staying in Orchid Island for years,he and his Yami friends are trying to find an better image-recording way which is coincident with the culture of Orchid Island.