Elmer and the Flower Boat


Elmer Dyrøy lives in Oslo, but when January arrives, he becomes restless. He takes his backpack and travels to the island on the west coast where he grew up-and island without other people, without roads or a wharf. A portrait of a person with a different lifestyle.

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35 minutes


35mm, Color


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Øyvind Sandberg

Øyvind Sandberg was born in Bergen, Norway. He was educated in film at the District College in Volda and in literature at the University of Bergen. Various courses in script writing, casting, documentary film production and method acting. Sandberg has been working as a journalist in Latin America (1979-1980) and in the film industry since 1980. He has directed and produced a number of prize winning short and documentary films.
Elmer and the Flower Boat (1998)、The Salmon Fishermen (1995)、The Eel Fishermen (1994)、Waning Lifestyle (1989)、Why Don’t You Come and Play (1985)