Human Zoo: The Final Journey of Calafate

At the end of the XIX century, four groups of indigenous people (a total of 25 people, from infants to the elderly) were taken from Chile by a German businessman and were shown as animals in different fairs and public exhibitions in several Europeans cities. Hans Mülchi, the director and Christian Báez, a historian, retrace the disturbing and moving journey of the abducted natives and surprises with every new discovery – including the remains of five members of the kawésqar culture found by the team at the Anthropological Department of the University of Zürich. The repatriation of the remains reveals how racism and the lack of respect for the indigenous population continues to present day. But it shows too a great relationship between the anthropologists and kawésqar descendants…

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92 minutes


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Hans Mülchi Bremer

Hans Mülchi is a Chilean journalist, historian and documentary maker. He studied in Chile, Cuba and Spain. Its first short creative documentary, The forty petals of the Rose (1991), won the National Art Meeting in Chile. Since then, he had development a trajectory as director, scripter and producer of documentaries for the television and cinema in Chile. Hans Mülchi has too a long academic trajectory. He had teached in several Universities in Chile and Brazil. Currently, he is academic of the Instituto de la Comunicación e Imagen, in the Universidad de Chile. Now, he develops its news feature films: Ocean Wings and Santana.