In Between

Dana and Amit met when they were 25, they married and had 2 children. Soon after their second child, Amit turned ultra-orthodox. Dana stayed secular. They are still very much in love. Will their love be able to overcome the growing gaps between them?

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55 minutes


HD, Color


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David Ofek

Born in Ramat Gan in 1968, David Ofek graduated the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School in 1992. Ofek’s graduation documentary “High-Tech Dreams“ won 1993 Jerusalem Film Festival best short award. His extra graduation short Home participated in dozens of film festivals worldwide.

Today David Ofek is one of Israel’s leading and prolific documentary and television series makers. His full-fledged body of award-winning works (with Yossi Madmoni and individually) include: Bat Yam – New York, No. 17, Melanoma My Love, The Ulpan, Minimum Wage, House Call and many more.