In My Father’s Country

In a remote part of Australia a small homeland community is fighting for its life. The community Elders can see their culture decline and decay as their young keep moving to nearby mining towns for better life. They worry that their ancestral lands ,culture and their people may become weak and lost under the impact of the globalization in 21st Century. This is the story of a community struggling to assimilate a richly complex traditional culture with the inevitable change of modernization . The film shows, in a stunningly intimate way, how a traditional culture hopes to raise their kids with the dignity, insight, and self-respect necessary to survive in the twist of tradiontional and modern life.

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80 minutes


HDV & HD, Color


Tom Murray

Tom Murray, he graduated from Sydney University with majors in politics and geography. He is a film-maker, writer, and broadcaster. His works range from films to novels which have been highly acclaimed and rewarded with international honors. Tom has been working consistently on shooting documentaries since 1998 and is currently projecting a documentary on contemporary romance in Sydney, Australia.