In Jerusalem, three religions meet. They harmoniously coexist. While the guides lead us through the streets of Jerusalem, we can see people from different backgrounds and culture live in the same neighbourhood. The guides are the meessagers of time. They deliver the message that only time can solve all the disputes and trouble.

The guides even tell us three stories, or ,you could say, rather the same story of three different versions. That is, we get to see things in Jew,Arab, Christian’s points of view.Pierre Henry Salfati , director let us discover Jerusalem in the way we have never seen it before.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



94 minutes


HDV, Color


Pierre-Henry Salfati

Pierre-Henry Salfati had directed more than 20 documentaries. Many of his works have been awarded in international film festivals. Among them, The Jazzman from the Gulag (1999), about Edy Rosner, Stalin's jazzman, was awarded an international Emmy Award in 2000. These years, he has been shooting experimental films about issues brought about by mass tourism to reveal its inner logic and humour.