Kusum is an ordinary, 14-year-old Indian girl. She lives in Delhi, India, where she goes to school and wonders about her future—until she falls ill. She stops eating, isolates herself and suffers raving fits. ”Evil spirits have attacked the family,” says Bhagat, an old healer. Kusum’s family initially tries Western medicine, but then opts for traditional Indian spiritual healing. It is a long road, for spirits are not easy adversaries. Kusum is the touching story of a family’s fight against bad luck, poor conditions and disease.

Region of Origin

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70 minutes


35mm, Color


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Jouko Aaltonen

Jouko Aaltonen went to the University of Art and Design's Film and Television Department 1977-1984 where he earned a degree in directing. From 1990 onwards, Aaltonen has concentrated on making documentaries mainly through Lllume Ltd. Aaltonen has made a versatile career in the film industry working as director, producer, editor, and writer. So far he has contributed to eight feature-length films and numerous short films.
Kusum (2000)、In the Arms of Buddha and the Drum (1997)、Return to Taiga (1994)、Taiga Nomads I-III (1992)、Elämä hallinnassa (1990)