Libangbang: Ching-Wen’s not Home


This is the story of Ching-Wen and his family.

Building a house on their island for his parents has been Ching-wen’s long time wish. But before he could finish constructing the house, they ran out of money. So now he has to leave his home, Orchid Island (Lanyu) and return to Taiwan to make more money. The film phrases reflection with the young man’s father, his two younger brothers, his uncle, his mother, all of whom have a few things to say about him.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



30 minutes


35mm, Color


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Kuo Chen-Ti

Kuo Chen-Ti was born in 1965. She graduated from Psychology Department of National Taiwan University and took a master's degree of Broadcast, TV and Film Department of Temple University in America. She was part-time instructor of Department of Mass Communication of Tumkang University. Her screenplay“Bicycle Diary”has granted the Screenplay Prize of Government Information Office. Her film has won the Golden Grain Award, Local Cultural Prize of Documentary from Council for Cultural Affairs, and also been nominated for Taiwan International Documetary Festival by Dual Years and Documentary Competition of Taipei Film Festival.