Men’s Ocean, Women’s Calla Lily Field


In my father’s memory, our family had the experience of building a 10- person boat 30 years ago. Father is now the only elder in the family fishing team. Thus, in order to leave the family fishing team a memory of boat building, Father decided to make a new boat after discussing with other members. This film records the stories of the hard experiences of the siradokoran fishing team members from the female point of view, of how they reclaimed land, made up Calla Lily fields, and found timbers for building up the boat.

This film is more than an introduction to the boat-making process and the grand launching ceremony. More importantly, through the boat-making culture, the film shows the important roles that the Tao women played during the process of boat building.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



24 minutes


Betacam, Color


Hsieh Fu-me

Hsieh Fu-Mei, Yami Tribe (Tao), is 33 years old and lives in Tung Ching Village in Lanyu Township in Taitung County. Since graduating from vocational high school, Hsieh has been working at the “Lan En Cultural and Educational Foundation” as an editor for the Lanyu Biweekly. Because of her job, Hsieh had the chance to make frequent contacts with tribal people, and began to develop greater interest in printed and moving images. With the invasion of outside influence, Hsieh is concerned about losing her own culture. Therefore, she started to learn to use some simple equipment to record the valuable images of her tribe, family and herself.
Filmography: 2008“Men's Ocean, Women's Calla Lily Field”; 2009“Things Men Don't know”