No Burqas Behind Bars

Takhar Prison. 40 women. 34 children. Four cells. No burqas.

Women are normally faceless in Afghanistan. Outside the home burqas cover them from head to toe. The all-encompassing burqa completely mask their identity, rendering Afghan women invisible. And voiceless. Except when they are in prison, here they have nothing left to lose. Sima, Sara, Najibeh, Latife, and many more names – they all carry stories that testament the inner strength and dignity of the human being when she faces obscene living conditions.

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77 minutes


HD, Color


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Nima Sarvestani

Nima Sarvestani, born 1958 in Shiraz Iran, started his career as a journalist in Iran. Since moving to Sweden in 1984, he has been concentrating on documentary filmmaking. He funded NimaFilm Productions, a Swedish independent film production company in 1987. Focusing on social and political issues, he is inspired by those who fight passionately for their cause. “No Burqas behind Bars” is Nima Sarvestanis fourth film, which has been shot in Afghanistan. He has directed more than ten award-winning films made in Central Asia. “No Burqas behind Bars” is Nima Sarvestanis latest film (it has so far been awarded at The Paris International Film Festival On Human Rights).