Ocean Fever


Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival is a very important event for rock n’ roll bands in Taiwan. Starting from 2000, Taipei county organizes the contest annually, providing young gifted musicians an opportunity to demonstrate their talents. The fourth festival was held in the summer of 2003. During the three-day festival, the Indie Music Awards was the most interesting activity that attracted most attention. These bands came to the contest with different attitudes and they all had very different stories. The only thing they shared in common was that deep down inside their heart, they all wished that one day, they’d be able to make a wave and be a shining star on their stage.

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109 minutes


DV, Color


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Lungnan Isak Fangas

Lungnan Isak Fangas is one of the few aboriginal film directors in Taiwan. He began to make documentaries after receiving a BA in Sociology from National Taiwan University in 1999. He now studies in the Film Production Program at the University of Texas at Austin. His past works have focused on a variety of topics and speak for aboriginal people.