Paradise Bent

Paradise Bent is one of the world’s first studies of the Samoan fa’afafines: boys who are raised as girls and play an important domestic role in Samoan culture. The anthropological spotlight has shone on Samoa many times this century. But there has been no mention of fa’afafines-is it possible the anthropologists just didn’t notice them? According to the Samoans, fa’afafines have a long history in their culture. The traditional role of the fa’afafines is now under threat as the Western drag scene filters into Samoa. The older fa’afafines are not impressed. Through our main character, Cindy, we see the complexities of life facing the modern day fa’afafines in paradise.

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57 minutes


betacam, Color


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Heather Croall

Heather Croall is a documentary director / producer and with a passion for making character driven documentaries. Her projects tell stories of people who challenge mainstream society. “Heather Croall has proven herself to be a passionate and humane filmmaker, dealing with a wide range of socially taboo subjects” (REALTIME Magazine). Her documentary, Paradise Bent won a Silver Plaque at the Chicago International Television Festival.
Paradise Bent (1999)、Herd of Cows (1997)、Disaster on Your Doorstep (1995)、Imperial Crownings (1994)、The Desert Surfers (1994)