People Say I’m Crazy

Welcome to my mind. My name is John Cadigan, and I’m an artist with schizophrenia. “People Say I’m Crazy” is my documentary about the world inside my head. It’s a chaotic world filled with paranoia, creativity, fear and desire. A world in which I’m struggling every day, trying to know what is real and what is not

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86 minutes


Betacam, Color


Katie Cadigan

Katie Cadigan got her master degree in the program of documentary, Stanford following graduation from Brown University. At present, she is the assistant professor at Stanford University, teaching documentary making. She is also an advisory board member of UCLA' s Center on Media and Medicine for Communities.
John Cadigan is an artist and also one of the few schizophrenia patients who dares to voice for himself. Roughly ten years ago, following John's first collapse in college, he started filming himself because he wanted the world to know what it's like to be labeled as “psychotic, ” “schizophrenic” and “severely disabled”.