The Tao people believe flying fish to be a gift bestowed by the heavens. In February or March when the flying fish arrive near the coast, the Tao tribal groups carries out “flying fish summoning ceremonies” to call the fish back to their shores: “Come on back flying fish. Come back to our bay. When you get here we’ll welcome you with chicken blood and burn offerings.” This is an ancient agreement between the flying fish and the Tao people. The fish and the Tao both abide by the ancient, long-standing pledge that governs the return of the fish and the peoples’ expectations. From this sacred belief to their diligent labor, the Tao peoples’ lives portray and practice humility and sincerity with regard to heaven, the earth, and the sea. The songs of the changing seasons are altered slightly with the passing of one generation of Tao to the next. This paradigm of man and nature together exists at the heart of this song that sounds like the winds wafting and waves rising.

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40 minutes


betacam, Color


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Lin Chien-Hsiang

Lin Chien-Hsiang, Han, is a documentary filmmaker and the host of Together Studio. He graduated from Tainan National College of the Arts with a Master of sound and image studies in 2003. Having worked in the documentary field for more than 20 years, Lin’s focus has always been the indigenous people, including ecological issues, social movements, local culture, and the disadvantaged groups.