Sakuliu 2 : The Conditions of Love


Sakuliu is a Paiwan artist who treasures his tribal traditional culture. After leaving his tribal village due to unpleasant circumstances for many years, he decides to return to help rebuild his hometown, Da-She Village, which was devastated in the August 8th typhoon in 2009. However, gulf and conflicts between personal vision and traditional thinking, between old and new, which traumatized him in the past, gradually surface once again as rehabilitation process moves on.

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88 minutes


HD cam, Color


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Chen Jofei

Chen Jofei
Fiction and Documentary film director
1989 B.A. in filmmaking from Chinese Culture University in Taipei.
1995 M.F.A. in Live Action from California Institute of the Arts in the U.S.
1995 Where is My Love? Best Fiction (Golden Harvest Awards),
and nominated for Best Short Film (Golden Horse Awards)
2001 Incidental Journey/Haijiao Tanya Best Director/Best Cinematography (New Festival, New York), Best Fiction Film (Ciffable Film Festival, Paris), and nominated for Best Short Film (Golden Horse Awards)
2003 Extraordinary Woman of Huanshan Best Documentary (Golden Bell Awards)
2004 Dancing in the Dark nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress (Golden Bell Awards)
2008 Imprint of Kapok nominated for Best Mini-series Drama and Best Actor in Mini-series Drama (Golden Bell Awards)
2013 Sakuliu 2: The Conditions of Love nominated for Best Documentary (Taipei Film Award)