SAMA- Muslim Mystic Music of India

SAMA explores the Islamic music tradition in India and portrays how the two have borrowed and taken inspiration from each other, in both form and content to become a truly magnificent sound. The film attempts to discover that connection which allows the artiste to become one with the creator and experience the peace, calm, serenity and joy with the artiste as he creates SAMA. Thus it becomes both a story the inspiration and the inspired. It elucidates the influences that an artiste draws upon to create music and shows how his immediate surroundings and cultural ethos mould the aural texture of his music. The film shows the kaleidoscope of Islamic culture in India, and the contacts and conflicts of Islamic India with indigenous elements particularly those of Hinduism. Most importantly, we will see that religious systems are neither self-contained nor static.

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52 minutes


HD, Color


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Shazia Khan

Shazia Khan was born in the state of Kashmir in India. From Kashmir her education brought her to Delhi, where she completed her Masters in Mass Communication from AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia in 1999. She has directed more than 10 documentaries, and her journey on these has been one of discovery and creative satisfaction. She has done a huge body of work for international channels like Dutch National Broadcast Television, NMO, OHM, France-24 and France-2. Her work has been instrumental in bringing out the nuances of Indian people, places, regions and religions on the international platform. Presently she is working on two films, the first one a documentary that looks at the effects of the twenty year old conflict, on the minds of the people, in the Kashmir valley and the other a fiction film based on a child’s point of view, of terrorism as it came to Kashmir. She is also directing and producing an international travel show, based on Islamic culture for DD national public television of India.