Seeing Freezing Life- The Most Intimate Computer Family


For the ALS patients, the internet is the best tool to extend their mind and body. Right now, Hsieh Shih-yu lives at the Motor Neuron Disease Center. Although he cannot move and speak, Hsieh Shih-yu can communicate with his son who studies in the United States via e-mail and webcam. Mr. and Mrs. Hsieh have created an incredibly well-communicated and intimate family in the ALS field with the combination of his never-ending learning and her never-failing caring spirit.

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11 minutes


DV, Color


Hsiao Chi-jen

Hsiao Chi-Jen has been an independent film director for several years. To record natural sound he used to travel all around Taiwan. For all these years, he has tried to record the real nature of Taiwanese people and only can do a little thing for the people who suffered from the 88 flood disaster.
Filmography: 2005, Photographer, “Enchanting Journey from the Ocean”; 2005, Editor, “Matthew Lien The Universal Musisian in Concert”; 2005, Photographer, “Yogalates sessions with Yao-Hsing Tang”; 2007, Editor Musical Concert Little PrinCe CF ; 2008, Director, Behind the Scenes of TTV Soap Oper Play Game ; 2009, Photographer, “The Turn of The Game” ; 2009, Director, “Seeing Freezing Life-The Most Intimate Computer Family”.