Suddenly Sami

Suddenly Sami is a personal film about identity. During the director’s childhood and youth in Oslo her mother never told her about her indigenous Sami background in the Arctic area of Norway. Why didn’t she? And how can the director suddenly become Sami in the middle of life? And does she really want to?

Region of Origin

Year of Release



50 minutes


Digi beta, Color


Ellen-Astri Lundby

Ellen-Astri Lundby is an independent filmmaker and producer. She has produced and directed several short films, both fiction and documentaries. Her films usually have a humoristic touch, whatever serious topic she's into. Ms Lundby has also worked as a freelance reporter for newspapers and specialized journals.
Filmography(selected titles): 2004“The Fourth Wife and her African Husband”; 1997“Forgotten Goddesses”; 1994“The Happy People of Crete”; 1993“The Drummer Girls”.