The Captive


In Taiwan, when talking about “old soldiers”, most people consider them as members of the Kuomintang (KMT), the political party that followed Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan. In October 1949 after the KMT had lost the entire mainland, the Communist army invaded Kinmen Island. After three days of intense fighting, the Communists were defeated at Gu-ning-tou on the northwestern coast of Kinmen. Communist soldiers who were not killed were captured by the KMT. Chen Shu-yen was one of the captured soldiers being brought to Taiwan. He never revealed his actual identity except when getting drunk. Not until his daughter started to converse with him via the camera did Chen begin to tell his personal secrets…

Region of Origin

Year of Release



86 minutes


DV, Color


Chen Hsin-yi

Chen Hsin-yi holds a Bachelor of Art in Political Science from National Taiwan University, and a Master of Political Science from Soochow University. After eight years of studying in political science, Chen worked as a reporter. Her passion for journalism, however, diminished quickly in a couple years for the bad reputation of the media being the “source of societal chaos.” In an incident, she picked up the camera and began to have conservation with her estranged father. Life turned out to be different since then…