The Last Chieftain



This film explores the leadership system in lives of chiefs such as Rangalu who was sworn in as the Head of Santiman District, Taiwan, which consists of 10 villages with population of 70,000, most of whom are of indigenous Paiwan. The Paiwan people live in the mountain area of southern Taiwan. Their rich oral traditions and cultural traits are revealed in this unique film of the reflection of chief. The two director, Lee Daw-ming and Sakuliu Pavaavalung exchange their view points on political and economic issues.

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118 minutes


16mm, Color


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Lee Daw-ming

Lee Daw-Ming is a filmmaker and a film scholar. He graduated from the Master of Fine Arts Program in Film, Television and Radio at Temple University. He is an Associate Professor at Graduate Institute of Cinematic Art, Taipei National University of the Arts.

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Sakuliu Pavavalung

Sakuliu Pavavalung was born in San-Ti-Men Ping-Tung. He is well known for his own Paiwan sculpture and pottery. Lately he is concentrating on the continuance of Paiwan traditional culture and handcraft, and involving in Public TV’s shows. He was selected for one of one hundred excellent people cross 21st century by Chinese Times. “ The Last Chieftain” is his first film as a co-director.