The Poet of Linge Homeland

A Potrait of Ibrahim Kadir, one of Gayo old “Ceh” (poets), a person who leads and acts as the lead singer of didong (one of Gayo People Oral Traditions). This oral tradition is a combination of literature, music, and dance. The documentary focus on Ibrahim daily lives, singing his ballads, dancing, and performing/commenting didong competition in his beautiful Linge Homeland (Gayo Land) in Central Aceh.

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25 minutes


betacam, Color


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Aryo Danusiri

Aryo Danusiri was born in Jakarta. In 1997 he graduated from the Department of Anthropology, University of Indonesia, with a thesis on a made-for-television film. It was while writing his thesis that he began to study filmmaking in depth. He began his documentary career in 1999 with a film on human rights violation in Aceh: The Village Goat Takes the Beating. His second film, The Poet of Linge Homeland focuses on the oral traditions of the Gayo people of Central Aceh, Sumatra.
The Poet of Linge Homeland (2000)、The Village Goat Takes the Beating (1999)