The Second Spring of the Strait



Hong Shu-mian was born in Weitou, Fujian Province of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and served in the Red Guard. Lu Shui-tong was born in Kinmen , Fujian Province of the Republic of China in 1937 and served as a naval intelligence officer.

Before coming to Kinmen’s 8/23 Bombing War Victory Memorial, this widow from Xiamen and this widower from Kinmen still argued over the circumstances of the war: as to say which side truly initiated the war and which side suffered the most tragic losses? Then they strode past the political barriers built between the two countries’ shores and passed into a new life together.

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56 minutes


betacam, Color


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Dong Cheng-Liang

Dong Cheng-Liang was born in 1961, Ku-Kang, Kinmen Taiwan. He founded Firefly Image Company in 1989. He has been concerned in the society, humanity and culture of Kinmen by continually making documentary. His works show the change trail of Kinmen society. His films has been nominated for YAMAGATA Documentary Festival, Japan, Vancouver and Taipei Film Festivals, and also selected for Australia, Singapore, Korea Pusan, Hong Kong and Golden Horse Festivals, and Taiwan International Documentary Festival by Dual Years.