Through Thousands Years


A team of film workers of Han descent went to Cinsbu and Smangus—two Atayal villages located in the deep mountains of the Hsinchu County—to shoot a film about the migration history of the Atayal people. This film brought conflicts to the tribe, including distrust of Atayal villagers against the Han outsiders and quarrels within the tribe. An aboriginal director recorded the whole process of Han filmmakers working, communicating, and collaborating with the Atayal village. Were the intercultural conflicts between the indigenous people and the Han filmmakers related to the Atayal tradition?

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66 minutes


DV, Color


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Pilin Yapu

Director’s Bio: Pilin Yapu Indigenous Tribe: Attayal Domicile/Tribe: Mbwaman Tribe, Tai’an Township, Miaoli County Current Job: Principal of the Daguan Elementary School, Heping District, Taichung Education: the Department of Art of Hsinchu Teacher’s College; the Department of Fine Arts of Taichung University of Education; the Graduate School of Ethnology of the National Chengchi University
1996 Where Have All Our Property Gone?
1998 The Stories of Rainbow
1999 The Highway in the Tribe
2000 Building up Bridges and Dreams
2001 Building Ways for a New Tribe
2002 Come Closer to the Ancestral Spirits
2003 Our Graduation
2008 Risheng Tribe
2009 Thousand Years-Ancient , Ancestral Footsteps
2012 Wushe Alan-Gluban, The taxi to Heaven