Today The Hawk Takes One Chick

Amidst the highest prevalence of HIV in the world and the lowest life expectancy, three grandmothers in Swaziland, a small, landlocked country in southern Africa between South Africa and Mozambique, cope in this critical moment in time. For these grandmothers, there is no choice but to raise their grandchildren and maintain basic needs. As more and more insight into the women’s lives is revealed, we are forced to ponder the question asked by granny Albertina: “”What will happen when all the grannies are dead?

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72 minutes




Jane Gillooly

As a film maker, Jane Gillooly has held several personal exhibitions at many reputed museums in US. Jane is also a Professor of Film at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Over the past few years, she has traveled in Swaziland for a couple of times to shoot the opening film “Today The Hawk Takes One Chick” for our film festival. At present, she is embarking on collaboration with activist artist S.A. Bachman on a project.