Transparent Time

At the age of 33, Eylon Nuphar, co-creator and founder of the Mayumana group, is at the peak of her career. One day, Eylon gets a distressing message: The mammogram that she had taken revealed a suspicious lump in her breast; and so it begins – she finds herself facing a whirlwind of challenges. She also has difficulty coping with her partner. This film represents the extraordinary world of this exceptional young woman, who manages, against all odds, to find strength within fragility throughout her journey.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



51 minutes


DV, Color


Gali Meiri

Gali Meiri was born in Israel 1974 and graduated from university in 1999 to work as a physiotherapist. A few years later came her turning point and she began to shoot documentaries. Gatos, accomplished in 2005, is her first documentary. Transparent time is her second. She works as a director, post production coordinator and associate producer. At present, she is studying in Tel Aviv university for her master degree.