Trekking in Wind


It was 2005, the year of Chicken according to the Chinese calendar. A new life was born in a Naxi village named Dandu. Meanwhile, another life went to the end. Is it just the natural rhythm to see one life ends and another comes into being? Or is there some sort of destined connection between these two souls in the celestial world? This film is the first documentary that comprehensively records an old mysterious cremation and seeing-off-soul ceremony of the Naxi people.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



76 minutes


DV, 8mm, Color


Mu Xiao-Qiao

Mu Xiao-Qiao completed the graduate course in ethnic cultural studies offered by the Yunnan University of Nationalities. In August 2003, he began to work in video profession. In 2004, he won the First Prize in News Report, Literature and Art Prize, and Foreign Publicity Prize offered by Lijiang City Government. In March 2005, his independently completed documentary entitled "Extracurricular Life of Yulan: A Rural Woman" successfully entered the Youth Seminar of the 'Beyond the Cloud' Photo and Video Exhibition. In October 2005, his independently completed documentary entitled "Trekking in Wind and Rain" successfully entered the Final Competition for the 2005 Ten Top China's Documentaries. He has also published some literature works and articles.
Filmography: “A Country Woman's Cultural Life”;“Trekking in Wind and Rain”; “Wutiang River”