Uncle A-Li and His Tobacco Field


Since Taiwan became a member of WTO in 2002, the tobacco industry has been on the downgrade year by year. Uncle A-Li, who is 70 years old, begins to plant tobacco every autumn. His greatest achievement of labor in his entire life was being able to bring up his little son, who grew up to be a doctor. However, God played a big prank on him. An air crash made the father and son separated forever. In 2007, Uncle A-Li had planted a tobacco field expected to grow for one week, but it was entirely smashed by a heavy rain. Uncle A-Li sighed with emotion and said “God hates farmers most”— the biggest notation on God, made by the old tobacco grower. Even so, Uncle A-Li began to ponder on what to do next. Being an old tobacco grower for his entire life, he has learned how to be obedient to God when encountering life trials, but he never succumbs.

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60 minutes


DV, Color


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Zeng Hong-Zhi

Since 2004, he has been the local correspondent in Kaohsiung for Hakka TV.
“Uncle A-Li and His Tobacco”, nominated by Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival in 2011.