Voices from EL Sayed

In the picturesque Israeli Negev desert lays the Bedouin village of El-Sayed. It has the largest percentage of deaf people in the world. In El-Sayed deafness is not a handicap. Through the generations a unique sign language has evolved making it the most popular language in this rare society that accepts deafness as natural as life itself. The villages tranquility is interrupted by Salims decision to change his deaf son’s fate and make him a hearing person using the Cochlear Implant Operation.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



52 minutes




Oded Adomi Leshem

Oded Leshem was born in Jerusalem in 1972 and was nicknamed Adomi when he was ten years old. He has successfully graduated the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School in 2003. Adomi is also working as a freelance cameraman and editor in foreign news productions, setting his work-base in Tel-Aviv. He also teaches and lectures on cinema history and documentary filmmaking.