Trekking in Wind

It was 2005, the year of Chicken according to the Chinese calendar. A new life was born in a Naxi village named Dandu. Meanwhile, another life went to the end. Is it just the natural rhythm to see one life ends and another comes into being? Or is there some sort of destined connection between these two souls in the celestial world? This film is the first documentary that comprehensively records an old mysterious cremation and seeing-off-soul ceremony of the Naxi people.



Film records about life of Ashiq, the Uighur bard live in southern border area of Takla Makan Desert, in all its aspect. “Ashiq” means the zealot. Unlike traditional life of Sufi in Islam society, Ashiq who live in southern border area of Takla Makan Desert do different jobs for living except people go into seclusion to cultivate religious sense at Mazar (the grave of Uighur). For example some Ashiq are blacksmiths, other are beggar, merchant, grave-digger, barber, woman Ashiq, Sheykh (the Mazar protector) etc. However the way and contents they sing have remained same as traditional one through the same decent. They convey their earnest feeling to Allah and are doing penance for their sins through this way. This documentary film is a great epic covering whole aspect of Ashiq and moreover, includes a challenge of young generation of Ashiq in the present city.

Water drum Grandpa


De’Ang Minority genesis mythology think “the thor” and “excess”Created the heaven earth and people.
Water drum is Ancient echoes.
With the society’s huge change,
More people to pursue economic rich,
National culture only to the old man,
Water drum old man lee la doppler, seventy-nine years of age,
DeAng people in the village,
Will make water drum of people have less and less.

Yak Dung


On the plateau below zero 40℃, yak dung is the fuel without pollution and it can warm up the herdsmen’s houses and make offerings to gods. It is used as lights, walls, natural manure, medicine and toys. The artists can make a Buddhist statue with yak dung. Through yak dung, people not only judge whether the grassland is good or not but also the condition of yaks. Yak dung is essential to our plateau people. But the life without yak dung is getting closer and closer and it is the day we will get lost as well as the disaster will approach. Then we will be the enemy of the nature and kindness will also leave us.

Tibetan Dreams

A coming of age story about three young Tibetans trying to realize their dreams. The struggle to enter the modern world while holding onto tradition is palpable as a young woman waiver between teaching and a career in Tibetan medicine. Her childhood friends, a monk and a painter, also grapple with which direction their lives will take in this rare and intimate portrait of the daily lives of a new generation of Tibetans.