Areum Married

While working on her first documentary film, director Areum meets a progressive party activist and a chef, Seongman, and gets married. After getting married, she takes Seongman with her to study in France, which she has long been preparing to do. In France, the only thing Seongman can do is housework. Not being able to read or speak the language leaves Seongman in depression, when Areum, the one responsible for their financial and administrative duties, gets pregnant. In order to help Seongman get over his depression, Areum suggest they start running “Oegil Restaurant”, a project to cook and serve to a limited number of guests on specific days. But after the birth of their baby, Areum starts concentrating on her studies and filmmaking, leaving Seongman alone in parenting. This leads to frequent aggressive fights, and Seongman declares a strike. Will Areum be able to juggle both her marriage and her film?


Lady Camellia

In Sorok-do where traveled by chance, we encountered an old woman, Lee Hang Sim, 78-years old, who was dragged into Sorok-do at the age of 4 by her parents because of Hanses’s disease. Pregnant after emancipation, she hid her pregnancy for 10 months for she was forbidden to give a birth. She couldn’t even scream in travail until cock crow in case she should get caught. It was all the bitter pain.