Family Variations & New Vision 2005 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival Press Conference

Time: 2005, September 6, Tuesday, 1:00pm
Venue: Spot Cinema, Film House
Address: 18, Sec. 2, Chungshan N. Road, Taipei
Tel: 02-2511-7786
Organizer: Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography


Tai-li Hu, President, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (Fellow Researcher, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)
Wen-ling Lin, Festival Director, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (Professor, Department of Communication and Technology, National Chiao Tung University)
Sponsoring organizations:
Council for Cultural Affairs
Government Information Office
The Ministry of Education
Council of Indigenous Peoples
The Commission of Mongolian
and Tibetan Affairs
Joint Organizations:
Zhi-Peng Tsao, Director, Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CTFA)
French Institute
Canadian Trade Office in Taipei
Domestic Directors and Producers:
Tueng Chuen Qin (Taiwan Public Television Service, the producer of the Formosa Aboriginal News Magazine )
Watan & Oloh (The Solicitude for the Takasago Volunteer)
Halugo Watan & Kaleh Kalahe (Kimbo in a Flash)
Li-Fang Lin (Buddha’s Sons)
Mickey Chen (Scars on Memory)
Hung-Zhou Je (The Story of Wai San Din Alluvion)
Ping-Hai Wu (Shi-Ting and Her Song & They Came From Overseas to Make a Home)
Chun-Hsin Hung (Farmers in the City)
Ming-Chieh Sung (Hey Jimmy)
Baunay Waton (Trakis na bnkis)
Tai-Li Hu (Stone Dream)
Activity Content:


Speech presentation of Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival,
Sponsoring Organizations & Joint Organizations
2. Screening the 2005 TIEFF preview trailer
3. Brief Introduction of festival theme and selected films.
Founded in 2001, biennial TIEFF (Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival) is the first international ethnographic film festival in Asia. With the media of ethnographic films, TIEFF aims at improving the communication and understanding between different cultures and ethnic groups. With 37 selected domestic and International films, this year’s TIEFF will hold in Chen- Shan-Mei cinema in Taipei (Sept 30 to Oct 4).
The theme of 2005 TIEFF is “Family Variations.” 2005 TIEFF has organized two major programs – “Family Variations” and “New Vision.”Under the category of “Family Variations,” there are four sub-programs – one retrospective program respectively pays homage to David and Judith MacDougall and John Marshall, and three theme subprograms –“Other Families,” “Alternative Families” and “Diversity and Family.” Moreover, in “New Vision” category, we feature three subprograms – “Indigenous Perspective,” “The Human Right and Autonomy” as well as “The Migration and Settlement.”
The selected film list will be announced in the press conference (There are more than 250 domestic and international entries.) TIEFF will also introduce above-mentioned programs and present some of the best films.
4. Presentation of selected domestic films and entry certification

5. Presentation of TIEFF’s official website and posters as well as ticket sale points