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Broken Gods

As India’s indigenous people join Hindu religious organisations, their gods are literally being broken. While conversion to Hinduism offers the allure of a better life, those who continue to follow their old ways have become ostracized by their communities. Their broken gods have lost the power to protect them from illness and scarcity.


Anointed 2


The Republic of the Marshall Islands was once the testing site for some of the biggest nuclear weapons ever made by the United States. Today, the impacts of those tests are still felt by the people who call these islands home. Acclaimed Marshallese poet and activist, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, explores the nuclear testing legacy of her country through the legends and…

Samichay 14

Samichay, In Search of Happiness

The highest peaks of the mountains rise above the clouds. Sometimes they seem to merge with the sky. There is no god and neither there is a devil. We are in the heights of the Peruvian Andes, more than 5000 meters above sea level, where Celestino, a peasant hermit, undertakes a healing journey with his cow Samichay, from the loneliness…


Carving the Divine – Buddhist Sculptors of Japan

Taiwan Premiere

The documentary Carving the Divine offers a rare and intimate look into the life and artistic process of modern-day Busshi – practitioners of a 1400 year lineage of woodcarving that’s at the heart of Japanese, Mahayana Buddhism.

The story opens as Master Koun Seki, the former apprentice of renowned Busshi, Kourin Saito, interviews a candidate applying to be…