32KM, 60 years


After being abandoned for nearly seven decades, the old tribal village is difficult to reach with almost no roads leading to it. The only guide on our journey in search of our roots is Wilang, who drags his octogenarian body up the mountain. As we follow Wilang’s footsteps, we travel a tunnel back in time…

‘The entire film consists of material I recorded for my tribe during a ten-year period and archival footage from Taiwan Film Institute. While searching for my material, I felt a sense of reconnection and nostalgia. Ordinary-looking images that I took back then are now all the more valuable because of the passage of time…Fortunately, I still keep them.’


10/6  14:30




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32 minutes


HD, 16:9, Color


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Laha Mebow

Laha Mebow is the first female aboriginal film director in Taiwan. She has trainings in scriptwriting and directing and is also an experienced TV producer. She used to work on the team of the internationally renowned Taiwanese directors such as TSAI Ming-liang and CHANG Tso-chi. Due to her indigenous identity, she specialises in indigenous theme.

Recently she focuses more on including Austronesian culture, aiming for shooting international drama film in the future. She is the recipient of the 23rd Annual Top 10 Outstanding Young Women Award in March of 2015 for her contribution to aboriginal issues. In 2016, her second feature film Lokah Laqi! (Hang in There, Kids!) has been nominated for both Taipei Film Awards and International New Talent Competition, and won 5 awards including the Best Narrative and the Grand Prize for Taipei Film Awards.