To no longuer Die

The death of the older brother of Medias Gayet, a young entrepreneur from Benin, has greatly affected his family. Alongside the very sensitive portrait of this bereaved African family, the director explores the different facets of the rich African spirituality of the cradle of Voodoo, Benin. Passing by the importance of the sacred in the animist religion, by the meeting…

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Shot in the arid landscape of West Bali, Indonesia, Tajen, Balinese for cockfight, follows multiple narrative threads of this ancient spectacle–that of the blade, the rooster, the cockfighter. It is the moment when these elements come together during the bloody match that the real drama begins.


10/7  21:30




The Feather Headdress of Ceroh

According to Indigenous elders, the process of standing up for tests to win the qualification to wear the feather headdress is a symbol of becoming a man (Tamdaw) for the Pangcah people of Taiwan. The process of qualification has changed over time in recent days due to the lost of traditional environment and lifestyle.

The scars made by colonization and…


Muakai’s Wedding

In 1932, Muakai from the Zingrur royal family of the Kaviyangan village was accessioned into the Taihoku imperial University (former name of the National Taiwan University, abbr. NTU) and stood silently in the corner of the Museum of Anthropology. Considering to applying for the National Treasure, Professor Chia-yu Hu of NTU went back to village since 2014 and discussed related…