Muakai’s Wedding


In 1932, Muakai from the Zingrur royal family of the Kaviyangan village was accessioned into the Taihoku imperial University (former name of the National Taiwan University, abbr. NTU) and stood silently in the corner of the Museum of Anthropology. Considering to applying for the National Treasure, Professor Chia-yu Hu of NTU went back to village since 2014 and discussed related issues with Muakai’s long lost family and village members. As a result, a spectacular traditional Paiwan wedding was held at NTU for Muakai in September of 2015. Why did it take place? What does it mean to the indigenous community, the university ,and the society…


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Su Hung-En

SU Hung-en has indigenous and Taiwanese heritage. Growing up switching between identities, helps him to see the world from different perspectives. His works focus on a mix of indigenous and social issues.