The Feather Headdress of Ceroh


According to Indigenous elders, the process of standing up for tests to win the qualification to wear the feather headdress is a symbol of becoming a man (Tamdaw) for the Pangcah people of Taiwan. The process of qualification has changed over time in recent days due to the lost of traditional environment and lifestyle.

The scars made by colonization and lost of lands and power still hurt the heart of Pangcah people. This film reveals the perspective of three generations of Pangcah people as a way to share their stories and as a mean to examine this issue that Pangcah people face in this modern time.


10/6  10:00



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56 minutes


Digital, 16:9, Color


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Lin Kuang-Liang

Lin Kuang-Liang (b. 1990); Fuday Ciyo is his name in Pangcah. He was born in Ceroh village in Yuli, Hualien and now am a graduate student in National Taitung University. His video works reflect the lives of indigenous people and implied the problem that this culture had been faced. He hopes to influence the young indigenous people to recognize their own culture in this modern society through his works.